The Catholic Police Guild

The Catholic Police Guild

The Catholic Police Guild was formed in 1914 and as such can lay claim to be the oldest staff support network in the police service.  Membership is open to both serving and retired police officers and staff.  The first Mass was celebrated on the 11 June 1914 and the Guild itself was formed on the same day.  Since that date the Guild has always had the honour of having the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster as its Patron.

Each year, in November, the Guild hosts a Requiem Mass for all those police officers and staff who have died in the previous 12 months.  This is celebrated in Westminster Cathedral and the chief concelebrant is always the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster.

The aims and objectives of the Catholic Police Guild are:-

  • To provide a fraternal organisation through which members may be encouraged and obtain a better understanding of their Catholic faith and its relevance to the police service vocation.
  • To help members to apply Christian principles in the performance of their duties by helping others, resisting temptations to injustice and disloyalty, demonstrating qualities of integrity, sincerity and truthfulness and performing other charitable good works.
  • All Members are expected to participate fully in the Guild’s charitable activities and spiritual and social events.

The Merseyside branch of the Guild has been reinvigorated and the Chief Constable has agreed that it be recognised as a staff support network along with the others.  Myself and a departmental colleague of mine are actively seeking new members and arranging events.  We are honoured to host the annual mass for the NW forces to celebrate the feast of St Michael, the patron saint of the police service, which will be held at Police Headquarters on Friday 29 September 2017 and at which the Chief Constable will be present.  A buffet will also be served after the Mass which will give the chance to those attending to socialise.

If anyone can attend please email me –
or my colleague D/Con James Milligan –

Details about the Catholic Police Guild can be found at –

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